Prof. Dr. Sir. P.S.Sagar

Dr. P.S. Sagar is a renowned doctor in the field of acupuncture & integrated traditional medicine in India, with above 15 years of experience he is a well-known expert in reversal of chronic physical, mental & incurable diseases at 2nd Life Nature Cure Hospital located in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana.
Dr. Sagar not only cured thousands of patients with his rare combinations but also trained hundreds of doctors & Primary health care professionals in the field of integrated traditional medicine, for his contribution in this field he was awarded several accolades at state, National & International level.
Dr. Sagar strongly believes in “Prevention is better than Cure” so he strictly educates all his patients how to take care of there health after getting cured so that they need not come back with any another ailment and in such case above 90& of his patients are enjoying good health with no relapse by practicing Nadi Yoga. He strongly believes prevention & reversal of chronic diseases can only be possible by promoting integrated traditional medicine at primary health care and also reduce side effects of modern medicine by integrating traditional medicine in emergencies, world health organization has made a similar strategy to transform health care system of the world by 2023 and also done MOU with all countries officially.
Dr. Sagar has approached state & central government & also conducted many world-class events to develop & promote traditional medicine. For his continues efforts, central government as agreed to pass some cr4ucial bills in near future which will improve the standards &^ quality in traditional medicine he regularly delivers free health awareness programs in media, central govt organizations such as nuclear fuel complex (NFC), IT companies such as Amazon, AT & T, Arcemiumetc, & NGOs such as lions club walkers club, etc which can help people to understand how to take responsibility of there own health & prevent all lifestyle diseases but also act smart while choosing right health care at right time if not can lead to Disastrous situations in any ones life.